Assessments for Any Need

For diagnostic clarification, psychoeducational assessments, or essential assessments required by employers or insurance (for short- or long-term disability), we can help.

Our assessments are done virtually and in-person. Forms and paperwork can be completed and returned securely.



Assessment reports can be completed after a clinical assessment for individuals who were injured at work or are on a leave of absence (i.e., sick leave) for mental health reasons. Reports can be completed for short-term disability and long-term disability.

Dr. Syb Pongracic and Associates are a part of the WSIB Community Mental Health Program.

Once you have a claim number, contact our office. Our team will call WSIB to confirm approval for an initial assessment and book you in. After the initial assessment, we can book you for sessions with the clinician depending on the number of blocks allotted by WSIB. Each block consists of 6 sessions.

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If you need accommodations at school or work for your suspected learning or attentional problems, a psychoeducational assessment will identify your strengths and areas of need. A detailed report will include recommendations for assistance, as well as suggestions for modifications and accommodations to assist you.

Adult ADHD is common and often goes undiagnosed for many years. If you have screened positively on the ASRS you may wish to get diagnosed. Understanding the impacts of this disorder can help alleviate some of the ongoing problems you may be facing as an adult (e.g., impulsivity, regrettable judgment, and decision making, difficulty sleeping, distractibility).

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We provide evaluations that assess for mental health issues, cognitive functioning, personality disorders, and memory. Some of these assessments are completed virtually and some are completed in-person at our Collingwood and Mississauga offices.

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Mental Health Assessments

Psychologists are specially trained in assessing for mental health disorders (i.e., from the DSM-5). Some of the common specialized psychological assessments are referred to as psychodiagnostic assessments, psychoeducational assessments, cognitive assessments, forensic assessments, and neuropsychological assessments.

Psychologists have expert knowledge of the underlying mechanisms and the possible causes of mental disorders, which arise from a combination of biological, environmental/social, and psychological factors.

Accurate identification of mental health disorders through a comprehensive assessment provides information for psychologists to inform clients about the available treatment choices that are based on the current research knowledge.



Psychoeducational Assessments

For Ages 6+

Full Psychoeducational Assessment


We administer standardized instruments to assess for intelligence, academic functioning, and socioemotional functioning (e.g., anxiety, self-esteem)

ADHD Assessment


For children, the presence of ADHD  is evaluated in the full psychoeducational process.

For adults, a stand-alone ADHD assessment can help you identify whether you have ADHD so you can get proper treatment.

Gifted / IQ Assessment


Is your child bright and did well on the CAT test at school? Our psychologists can assess for giftedness and provide documentation for placeme in gifted or special programs.

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Accurate & Precise

Dr. Syb Pongracic offers expertise in assessing for mental health disorders as she has completed over a thousand brief and comprehensive assessments. Receive accurate diagnoses and recommendations for the most appropriate treatment.

Need a Second Opinion or Consultation?

Do you need an independent clinical opinion about a previous diagnosis? Our psychological associates can assist in clarifying the nature of your symptoms and provide detailed information about the results of your condition.

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If you are unsure about the appropriate service, email us at admin@peakminds or call us at 905-826-7400 and we would be happy to assist.