Nolan Fitzgerald, Masters of Social Work, RSW

Nolan Fitzgerald Headshot

Nolan Fitzgerald is a Registered Social Worker with a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto. Nolan is trained in providing structured Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to individuals with concerns related to depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, trauma, panic disorder, and specific phobia. Before beginning mental health treatment, Nolan likes meeting with clients to enhance his understanding of their mental health concerns, and to create an individualized treatment plan that aligns with their specific goals.

Once a treatment plan has been designed, Nolan focuses on achieving the following outcomes:

  • Help clients understand the purpose and benefits of therapy;
  • Increase motivation to ensure that clients are able to fully participate and invest in the therapeutic experience;
  • Help clients understand the role that thoughts and behaviors play in the maintenance of their mental health concerns, and how such thoughts and behaviors can be addressed;
  • Introduce and review skills that clients can use to manage challenging situations and emotions as they arise;
  • Support and coach clients in their application of the skills to situations that are specific to them (including relationships, interpersonal conflict, work/school stressors, and other personal challenges);
  • Explore, challenge, and modify larger belief systems that may be contributing to mental health concerns.

Nolan believes that all clients are capable of making positive changes to their lives under the right circumstances. Nolan strives to create an environment that balances clients feeling comfortable, but also challenged to confront difficult subjects that will be therapeutic in the long term.

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