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We are a team of Registered Clinical Psychologists, Registered Occupational Therapists, and Registered Social Workers offering evidence-based psychological assessments, interventions to treat a variety of different mental illnesses, and consultation services.

Diagnosis and assessment of impairments for work, school, and functioning, by Licensed Psychologists.

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a practical, short-term form of psychotherapy. Skills and strategies for becoming and staying healthy.

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      Adult ADHD       Evaluation

We provide a comprehensive evaluation for a diagnosis ADD/ADHD.  A letter is provided to your family doctor to confirm your diagnosis so you can get the right treatment.

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Articles about ADHD, OCD, trauma/PTSD, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, improving relationships, and other important areas of life.

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Virtual TelePsychology

Virtual TelePsychology Sessions

Telepsychology is hosted on a secure telemedicine portal to protect your privacy and confidentiality. This can be easily used on a cell phone, tablet, i-pad, or computer that has a camera and microphone.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are providing psychological services to help address issues arising from the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak (e.g., increased anxiety, fear, anger, grief, feelings of uncertainty, and helplessness).

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